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Todd’s strength is the ability to customize the care for a particular person or families’ care. We will develop a “Care Plan” that will assure the ability to stay in the home with confidence of safe care and deserved respect for almost any special need, be it 24 hour or 1 hour care per day.

Example of CUSTOM CARE

7:00 AM – Breakfast Preparation and be available when person wakes up.

8:00 AM – Bathe according to schedule, dress and offer breakfast

9:30 AM – Clean up the house including: making bed, do dishes, general cleaning, tending to toileting needs, Provide plan for rest of morning, including snack or preparation for a nap.

10:00 – 12:00 AM – Caregiver leaves while person is napping or just relaxing watching TV.

12:00 PM (Noon) – Return to care for person bathroom needs and medication reminders. Prepare and serve lunch. Do clean up and special exercises per therapist recommendations. This is a time that laundry can be done. Visiting and offering companionship till 1:30 when caregiver leaves. Person can nap and have some quiet time alone.

5:00 PM – Return to prepare meal for the evening. Clean up the house and get ready for evening routine including changing for bed. Medication reminders provided again. Cleaning up the kitchen and straightening the house. Bathroom routine, stimulating conversation, and friendly companionship

8:00 PM – Leave, knowing the person is safe and ready for bed. Exercise, food and medications have been taken per instructions from family.

This schedule would cost about the same as the expense of “assisted living.” The advantages are:

  • All Day care with only gaps of 2 hrs and 3.5 hrs each day
  • 7 to 8 hours of individual attention as compared to 15 minutes a day in assisted living
  • Specialized care for diet exercise and other special needs
  • Able to continue living in familiar environment

Call for an evaluation and cost estimate for your needs.

Innovative Services

If cost is a factor for you we will do customized care arrangements when more than one household is cared for. For example if you know of a friend or neighbor that is also in need of care we will reduce the cost of care by 40%. This type of care is called SHARED CARE and we would bring the other person to your home or they could be dropped off.

Call us for further information and discussion of this way to save money and get excellent care. This care can apply to intermitted or continuous care, such as overnight.

Other Services

Keep in mind, a customized plan that includes a combination/selections of all our services is tailored and available for each individual’s need.

Other services include but not limited to:

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Todd’s In-home Care serves: central and southern Indiana, Kenosha, Racine Walworth Counties in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

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