When to Seek Help

It can be difficult to determine when a loved one is in need of extra help or support. The signs of aging can be very subtle so it hard to know when aging is affecting a family member. It is very important to not ignore the warning signs because small problems or issues can become larger challenges very quickly. If you have noticed certain behavior changes in your family member or loved one, it might be the right time to seek outside help. Are you noticing:

  • Your loved one’s communication is changing. Maybe he is talking very little compared to the past.
  • Your loved one is withdrawing from social gatherings or interactions.
  • Your loved one’s relationships with family and friends are changing.
  • Your loved one is behaving differently, maybe is speaking more loudly or showing increased agitation.
  • Your loved one is more neglectful of personal care such as cleanliness/personal hygiene and/or good nutrition.
  • Your loved one is becoming more forgetful, such as leaving the stove on and unattended, laundry unwashed and dirty dishes piled in the sink.
  • Your loved one is not managing or poorly managing finances such as leaving bills unpaid or making unusual purchases.
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