Take Care of Yourself

We at Todd’s In-home Care know that it is not an easy task providing consistent care for a loved one who has limitations in caring for themselves. It can be tiring and time-consuming especially when you have children, a job and other commitments that demand time and attention. Caregiving can take a toll on caregivers and can alter family dynamics. Life often becomes highly stressful when caregiving is added to the list of responsibilities whether your loved one lives five minutes away or thousands of miles away.

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When caregiving has become a part of your daily life it is important to attend to your own needs! Do not disregard them or put them off. Not taking care of yourself can lead to burnout and anyone in the role of caregiver is susceptible. If you become burned out you will be unable to provide good and responsible care to your loved one and taking care of yourself will become more challenging.

We suggest following these steps to take good and responsible care of yourself:

  • Pay attention to your own health. Eat nutritious foods and get adequate sleep. Make certain that you see your own physician for regular check-ups.
  • See a counselor or therapist regularly to talk about your role as a caregiver and the challenges it brings.
  • Make plans every week to spend a few hours outside of the house. See a movie, go to the park, play tennis or golf or have lunch with a friend.
  • Remain in contact with your friends. Do not isolate yourself. Staying and feeling connected with the outside world is very important.
  • Ask for help. Assess your own needs and ask for help in meeting them whether they are related to your caregiving responsibilities, your other life obligations or personal needs.
  • Attend a support group for caregivers. The understanding and support of others traveling the same life path is very valuable and helpful.
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