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You call her every day … you shop for her … you take care of her repairs … you drive her to the doctor and help her with paperwork. You’d like to do more, but you’ve got your job and your own family to think about, too. And yet, you worry about your mom being home by herself so many days. And you’re not alone. Nearly one in every four Americans is caring for an older adult, and the stress can take its toll.

As a person begins to age, family members are often called on to help with everyday things that their loved one now finds challenging like meal preparation, laundry and housekeeping. Eventually, many people find themselves assisting their loved ones in ways they never expected such as personal hygiene and grooming or for diseases and disorders they could never have anticipated.

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Aging is inevitable and often brings with it many challenges. It can be challenging for the person experiencing the effects as well as for their family members. Perhaps you are experiencing or will experience a parent, sibling or other family member in need of care assistance. Maybe your mother is getting confused and cannot keep her medications or her doctor appointments straight. Perhaps your dad appears depressed and doesn’t enjoy gardening or fishing anymore. An elderly aunt is being discharged from the hospital and will need some temporary help with meal preparation and getting to follow-up medical appointments, or maybe your grandmother who has Alzheimer’s needs regular companionship while you are at work.

Regardless of the particular need, most families will do their best to handle whatever situation with which they are confronted; however, job requirements, other family needs and obligations or other time and energy commitments may prevent them from being there and for all the hands-on care that is necessary. This is where Todd’s In-Home Care steps in.

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